Support & Information About Derbyshire Koi & Aquatics

With 15 years of experience, we have become experts in caring for koi carp. Our goal is to make these stunning fish accessible to enthusiasts everywhere. We provide home delivery services directly from our store in Alfreton, ensuring these beautiful specimens are available to all hobbyists.

All Types & Sizes of Koi

At Derbyshire Koi & Aquatics we supply Koi from Japan, Israel, Yoshikigoi the largest Koi farm in Europe, Sri Lanka and from UK farms.

Caring for koi carp is our passion, and we are eager to share our knowledge of equipment and treatments to support the welfare of fish with our customers. Our expert staff can advise on everything from water testing to the identification of parasites. We stock everything you need to care for your fish in our store, helping to make koi carp an accessible breed for all levels of hobbyist.

We now also stock various breeds of cold water pond fish and an extensive range of pond plants. Visit our store or email us at [email protected] for expert advice and support.

Terms & Conditions

When purchasing fish from the Derbyshire Koi & Aquatics website you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. All of our fish are sold in good health, but after purchase it is your responsibility for their ongoing health and well-being.

1. Fish cannot be returned as we operate a biosecure site.

2. Derbyshire Koi & Aquatics are not responsible for the suitability of the pond or conditions in which purchased fish are placed or housed.

3. Purchasers must be able to accept delivery of the fish on the arranged day and time.

4. No-one under 16 years of age may purchase fish.